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This is a website dedicated to expose people supporting tyranny and dictatorship in Hong Kong, ranging from police officers, company officials and mainland Chinese people. We also make chronological recordings of Hong Kong Police's brutality towards HongKongers. However, we put less emphasis on this topic recently due to countless passionate teams working in this direction.

This website primarily serves content written in Cantonese. Most of the content, especially Personal Profiles, were written in Cantonese. However, we are slowly adding English content due to popular requests. In the current version of website, all English-ready articles will be categorized under the keyword "English". You may access the list of articles by this link: . We are also considering to convert some of our articles into vernacular Chinese (based in Mandarin) to facilitate reading by Taiwanese and online Chinese to English translators.

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Police Misconduct 10014: Abusive Violence, Extreme Rudeness


Ignoring the request of the nearby paramedics in Wanchai, Hong Kong Island, the police used batons to hit the head of a protester who had been put under arrest and presented no resistance.

Police Misconduct 10018: Abusive Violence, Extreme Rudeness


On October 7, when the police force was leaving the site in Yuen Long, New Territories, they suddenly erupted pepper spray to the citizens around without any warning.

Police Misconduct 10010: Extreme Rudeness


In Tai Po, New Territories, the police rudely yelled at a family of 3 walking around the Tai Po Centre on Oct 5 after dinner requesting them to leave and back home without any proper reason. The police further warned that they could arrest the family on a charge of “illegal assembly”.