BLA BLA by sensory ZERO:黃色商家(快餐店,咖啡店,小食店,茶館,咪嘥嘢食店,動物友善餐廳)

Author: 陳妍茵

2022-06-02(Good & Bad Shops)

Categories: 黃色商家


Name BLA BLA by sensory ZERO
Stance 黃色商家
Type 飲食
Goods provided 快餐店,咖啡店,小食店,茶館,咪嘥嘢食店,動物友善餐廳
Address 灣仔港灣道28號灣景中心大廈Brim281樓4號舖|九龍灣偉業街33號德福廣場二期2樓1號舖
Social Media Accounts (網站)| (Facebook)| (Instgram)
Average spending $50以下
Sources 終極黃藍地圖


【餐廳種類】多國菜:麵包店,三文治,點心,無肉餐單,All Day Breakfast,果汁,沙律


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Last Updated: 2022-11-06

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