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Naomi's Corner

A Call to International Protesters: Join Us to Defeat Tyranny
We are Hong Kong Chronicles, a team of individuals in Hong Kong who are joining to fight for democracy and freedom since June 2019. We originally envisioned the creation of a historical record through ...

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Junius Ho Kwan Yiu: Triads, CCP Supporters
中文讀者請按此連結閱讀中文版本。 Junius Ho Kwan Yiu was a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, who was notorious for colluding with triads and pro-Chinese forces. The following list describes every action Jun ...

Naomi's Corner

Guide for English Speakers
English speakers, Welcome to Hong Kong Chronicles! This is a website dedicated to expose people supporting tyranny and dictatorship in Hong Kong, ranging from police officers, company officials and ma ...