Police Misconduct 10039: Abusive Violence, Extreme Rudeness

Author: 陳妍茵

2020-03-30(Records of Police Abuse)

This record was created by NOPAID ("Netizens Organizing Police Abuse Investigation Data"), with CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.
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Code 201910039
Source 自由亞洲電台 Radio Free Asia
Online Links https://youtu.be/6Oa_6noM1mY
Date & Time 2019-10-27
Acts of Police Violating the guidelines and principles on the use of force、Treating citizens rudely

Police in Mongkok, Kowloon dispersing the crowd and urged a girl dressing in ordinary clothing (not the clothing of protest) to leave. When the girl told the male police not to touch her, she was directly shot with pepper spray.

Last Updated: 2020-03-30

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【23:00 太古】防暴警衝入太古站,在扶手電梯追捕示威者,有示威者被制服,雙手被綁帶走,有人頭部受傷,當中包括長者。其間多名速龍小隊持槍在站內向示威者開槍,有警員於不足一米距離向示威者瘋狂掃射,更有示威者被制服地上仍被警員亂棍毆打,甚至用腳狂踢頭部,更有警員將示威者推落扶手電梯。(林幸泉攝)


Records of Police Abuse



Records of Police Abuse