Police Misconduct 10044: Abusive Violence, Extreme Rudeness

Author: 陳妍茵

2020-03-30(Records of Police Abuse)

This record was created by NOPAID ("Netizens Organizing Police Abuse Investigation Data"), with CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.
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Code 201910044
Source 香港中文大學學生會校園電台 CUHK Campus Radio
Online Links https://youtu.be/MAiDwi_e_ic
Date & Time 2019-10-31
Acts of Police Violating the guidelines and principles on the use of force、Treating citizens rudely

On Shantung Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, a police officer was seen humping on a woman’s head during an arrest. The police constrained the woman by pressing his knee on her neck, leaving her suffocating and screamed for help. She was then rudely pulled and dragged by the police.

Last Updated: 2020-03-30

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