Police Misconduct 10020: Abusive Violence, Extreme Rudeness



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This record was created by NOPAID ("Netizens Organizing Police Abuse Investigation Data"), with CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.
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事件編號 201910020
來源 香港電台 RTHK
網絡連結 Broken Link 連結失效
日期及時間 2019-10-07
警察行徑 Violating the guidelines and principles on the use of force、Treating citizens rudely

A police-in-charge confronting a citizen nearby the Exit B of Whampoa Station in Hung Hom, Kowloon once pulled out his pistol while the other riot police shot pepper spray to the citizens and reporters around.



A Call to International Protesters: Join Us to Defeat Tyranny


We are Hong Kong Chronicles, a team of individuals in Hong Kong who are joining to fight for democracy and freedom since June 2019. We originally envisioned the creation of a historical record through the Internet for future HongKongers. However, due to the long-lasting protests and numerous passionates who did this job way better than us, we shifted our focus to develop a convenient, efficient and easy-to-use platform to provide information for protesters and our democracy supporters. With the generous help of local Telegram Channels "Dad Finds Boy" and "Son Finds Parents", we currently covers details to locate police officers, who committed serious crime and brutality towards citizens of Hong Kong, and the supporters of such tyranny. We believe that exposure of these people serves an important role in social movement. Police often acted brutality to citizens because they could hide behind their uniforms, their masks, and their government. Exposing their personal information could rip these curtains apart and reveal their horrific self to the general public. A good example of this was noted in the book The Dictator's Learning Curve: Inside the Global Battle for Democracy. The book mentioned that during the The October 5 Revolution in Serbia, there was a ruthless chief police officer who enjoys torturing young protesters. Serbians responded by creating a poster with the photos of him torturing citizens, alongside his name and telephone number. They posted such information in the shopping malls where his wife will go to, and schools where his children was educated. On the poster, they urge citizens to call the police officer, asking why he was torturing Serbian's future generations. This movement shocked his family, and his family soon became rejected in almost all aspects of society. By putting the supporters of brutality and tyrannical government under the spotlight, the supporters of tyranny could only realised what they have done and how citizens hated their acts. During late 2019, social movements erupted in numerous countries like Indoesnia, Catalonia and Chile. However, we have yet to find a widespread adoption of Internet platforms and technology inside these social movements. Today, we would like to send invitations to our international friends. If you wish to contribute to your country through a new way, please don't hesitate to join us. In Hong Kong Chronicles, we have a self-taught programmer who could help you to establish your own platform, and individuals who was experienced in operation security to provide technical suggestions to prevent you from being identified by local authorities. We could also provide suggestions and assistance in utilisation of Internet for social movements, as we have plenty examples in our country. If you wish to join us, please contact via Telegram: @naomicyy . Previous contribution to your own country's protests are preferred. If you don't have considerable contributions and wish to make one, a Telegram Channel delivering news to your country and the world is a good starting choice. Fight for freedom, Stand with us all.



1分27秒以強光照射記者阻撓記者採訪,涉嫌違反警察通例 (39-05),警務人員應盡可能協助新聞媒體工作者的採訪工作。 沒有委任證或編號的速龍成員稱市民為曱甴,這有機會違反《警察通例》(20-14)各項中,市民提出要求,至少有一名軍裝警務人員應出示委任證,才可執行職務。



在影片可見用強光閃記者阻撓記者採訪,涉嫌違反警察通例 (39-05),警務人員應盡可能協助新聞媒體工作者的採訪工作。被捕少女被押解時向記者表示警員在拘捕期間不肯出示委任證並且恐嚇她,這有機會違反《警察通例》(20-14)各項中,市民提出要求,至少有一名軍裝警務人員應出示委任證,才可執行職務。